NYRR Club Council Meeting Notes 10/3/2012

Coogan's 5K will be happening next year. There will be changes made to the course.

NYC Hafl is March 17, 2013.  The course will be the same as 2012 but with some tweaks.

5 Borough Series - Bronx and Queens will not be restored as half-marathons. Expect the Queens 10K and Bronx 10 mile to return.

Brooklyn Half may be on a Sunday in 2013.

NYC Marathon Baggage - out of 30,000 responses, 80% selected no-baggage. At the expo, bags will be given to those who selected no-baggage for items to be taken to Fort Wadsworth only. The bags will be pink and marked "not for transport". The Central Park exits will not be disclosed until the marathon. Don't expect there to be any free phone banks after the marathon.

NYC Marathon Subway - There is no free subway for marathon runners.

Area clubs have been asked to send a representative to be in Parade of Nations on Friday, November 2.

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